PQA is primarily a service oriented organization. The port provides shore based facilities and services to international shipping lines and other concerned agencies in the form of adequate water depth in the channel, berths/terminals, cargo handling equipment, godowns, storage areas and providing facilities for safe day and night transit of vessels.


  • Iron & Coal Berth (279 m long) with handling capacity of 3.3 million tonnes per annum for exclusive use of Pakistan Steel Mills.
  • Marginal Wharf comprising four multi-purpose berths in a linear length of 800 meters with handling capacity of 6/7 million tonnes per annum.
  • Qasim International Container Terminal -1,  727 meters with handling capacity of 0.6 million TEUs per annum.
  • FOTCO oil Terminal (280 meters length) with handlng capacity of 9 million tonnes.
  • Engro Vopak Liquid Chemical Terminal 325 meters in length capable of handling 4 million tonnes liquid chemicals per annum.
  • LPG Terminal (230 meters long) with handling capacity of 4 million tonnes per annum.
  • Liquid Cargo Terminal (183 meters long) with handling capicity of 4 tonnes million per annum.
  • Grain and Fertilizer Terminal (300 meters long) with handling capicity of 4 million tones per annum.
  • 2nd Container Terminal (615 meters long) with handling capicity of 14 million tones per annum.

 Industrial Complex

PQA has a vast expanse of 13,770 acres of land for development of port based industrial and commercial complexes. Out of 13,770 acres of land, 3,659 acres have been earmarked for services and utilities leaving a balance area of 10,111 acres for allotment. So far 9,012 acres have been allotted to potential investors. Balance area of 1099 acres is generally low lying area and has been reserved for warehouses and light/heavy industries. PQA has also been instrumental in promoting industrialization in the country. So far 275 industrial and commercial complexes are already operative in different zones while 270 are in construction phase.